IBM Union

IBM looked like they were poised for a comeback in 1996.  In technology today, you cannot afford to ignore future trends. IBM had always been an leader in the technology field, until they started to go downhill in the late nineties.

Recently, controversy came in 2015 when the board at IBM approved a $3.6 million bonus for its CEO, based on 2014 results.  However, the 2014 results were less that stellar, with declines in both revenue and income.  At this point, IBM had a reputation for being the poorest performing stock two years in a row.

In 2016, IBM laid off approximately 20 – 25 percent of their US employees, without releasing much information about the layoffs.  In January, 2016, the Communications Workers of America threw in the towel on unionizing attempts.  They had been engaged in the unionization efforts since 1999. 

By July 2016, IBM had reported falling revenues for just over four years.  They ended remote working arrangements for US employees in 2017,  as they marked 19 consecutive quarters of dropping revenue.  This comes after massive layoffs and huge outsourcing efforts.

The future of IBM is uncertain, at best.  Contact us with any stock market loss question.