JPMorgan Mutual Funds

If you think that the list of funds included below is overwhelming, you’re probably right. JPMorgan is a big deal in the investment world. They are one of the biggest investment management companies. Right now, they are managing approximately $1.7 trillion in assets.

JPMorgan offers a variety of investment options.  A standard investment account with JPMorgan can be opened with as little as $1,000.  In addition to regular investment accounts, they also offer Retirement Plans that are tax-sheltered, and IRA retirement accounts.

At any given time, you will find funds from JPMorgan in the list of top rated funds. JP Morgan is a global investment management company. They do business in 38 countries, including China and India.

It is important to note that only some of the JPMorgan funds are strong performers.  In many of the individual investment products, gains are low, while expense ratios are high.

In 2015, there was some speculation about whether the company was misrepresenting returns on mutual funds. to find out more contact our Mutual Funds law experts

List of JPMorgan Mutual Funds

All JPMorgan Funds
JPMorgan CA Tax Free Bond Instl
JPMorgan China Region Select
JPMorgan Commodities Strategy R6
JPMorgan Core Bond Select
JPMorgan Core Plus Bond A
JPMorgan Corporate Bond R6
JPMorgan Disciplined Equity L
JPMorgan Diversified L
JPMorgan Diversified Real Return R5
JPMorgan Dynamic Growth R5

JPMorgan Dynamic Small Cap Growth A
JPMorgan Emerging Economies R5
JPMorgan Emerging Markets Corp Dbt R6
JPMorgan Emerging Markets Debt Sel
JPMorgan Emerging Markets Equity Inc R6
JPMorgan Emerging Markets Equity L
JPMorgan Emerging Markets Strat Dbt R6
JPMorgan Equity Focus Select
JPMorgan Equity Income Select
JPMorgan Equity Index Select

JPMorgan Floating Rate Income Select
JPMorgan Global Allocation Sel
JPMorgan Global Bond Opportunities R6
JPMorgan Global Research Enh Idx Select
JPMorgan Global Unconstrained Eq R6
JPMorgan Government Bond Select
JPMorgan Growth & Income A
JPMorgan Growth Advantage A
JPMorgan Hedged Equity R6
JPMorgan High Yield Select

JPMorgan Income Builder Select
JPMorgan Income R6
JPMorgan Inflation Managed Bond R5
JPMorgan Intermediate Tax Free Bd Sel
JPMorgan International Discovery R6
JPMorgan International Eq Sel
JPMorgan International Equity Income R5
JPMorgan International Opps Sel
JPMorgan International Rsrch Enh Eq Sel
JPMorgan International Uncons Eq R6

JPMorgan International Value L
JPMorgan Intrepid Advantage Sel
JPMorgan Intrepid America Sel
JPMorgan Intrepid European A
JPMorgan Intrepid Growth Sel
JPMorgan Intrepid International A
JPMorgan Intrepid Mid Cap Select
JPMorgan Intrepid Value Select
JPMorgan Investor Balanced Select
JPMorgan Investor Conservative Growth S

JPMorgan Investor Growth & Income Sel
JPMorgan Investor Growth Select
JPMorgan Large Cap Growth Select
JPMorgan Large Cap Value Select
JPMorgan Latin America Select
JPMorgan Limited Duration Bd Sel
JPMorgan Managed Income Institutional
JPMorgan Market Expansion Enh Idx Select
JPMorgan Mid Cap Equity Select
JPMorgan Mid Cap Growth Sel

JPMorgan Mid Cap Value L
JPMorgan Mortgage-Backed Securities Sel
JPMorgan Multi-Cap Market Neutral Sel
JPMorgan Multi-Manager Alternatives R6
JPMorgan Municipal Income Select
JPMorgan NY Tax Free Bd Sel
JPMorgan OH Municipal Bond Select
JPMorgan Opportunistic Equity L/S R6
JPMorgan Realty Income L
JPMorgan Research Market Neutral L

JPMorgan Sec Cptl US Cor Rl Estt Secs R6
JPMorgan Short Duration Bond Select
JPMorgan Short Duration High Yield R6
JPMorgan Shrt-Interm Muni Bond Sel
JPMorgan Small Cap Core R5
JPMorgan Small Cap Equity A
JPMorgan Small Cap Growth A
JPMorgan Small Cap Value Select
JPMorgan SmartAllocation Equity R6
JPMorgan SmartAllocation Income R6

JPMorgan SmartRetirement® 2015 Instl
JPMorgan SmartRetirement® 2020 Instl
JPMorgan SmartRetirement® 2025 Instl
JPMorgan SmartRetirement® 2030 Instl
JPMorgan SmartRetirement® 2035 Instl
JPMorgan SmartRetirement® 2040 Instl
JPMorgan SmartRetirement® 2045 Instl
JPMorgan SmartRetirement® 2050 Instl
JPMorgan SmartRetirement® 2055 Instl
JPMorgan SmartRetirement® Blend 2015 R6

JPMorgan SmartRetirement® Blend 2020 R6
JPMorgan SmartRetirement® Blend 2025 R6
JPMorgan SmartRetirement® Blend 2030 R5
JPMorgan SmartRetirement® Blend 2035 R6
JPMorgan SmartRetirement® Blend 2040 R5
JPMorgan SmartRetirement® Blend 2045 R6
JPMorgan SmartRetirement® Blend 2050 R6
JPMorgan SmartRetirement® Blend 2055 R6
JPMorgan SmartRetirement® Blend Inc R6
JPMorgan SmartRetirement® Income Instl

JPMorgan Strategic Income Opps R5
JPMorgan Systematic Alpha Select
JPMorgan Tax Aware Equity Instl
JPMorgan Tax Aware High Income Select
JPMorgan Tax Aware Income Opp Sel
JPMorgan Tax Aware Real Return Instl
JPMorgan Tax Free Bond A
JPMorgan Total Return R5
JPMorgan Treasury & Agency Select
JPMorgan Ultra-Short Municipal Select

JPMorgan Unconstrained Debt R5
JPMorgan US Dynamic Plus Sel
JPMorgan US Equity L
JPMorgan US Large Cap Core Plus Select
JPMorgan US Small Company L
JPMorgan Value Advantage L
Undiscovered Managers Behavioral Val L