Your Brokerage Firms

Choosing your broker is a process. Not every investment relationship is a good fit.

If you’re going for a regular broker, verify that they are SEC registered. You also want to make sure that they are FINRA members.

Are they a full service broker?  This means exactly what the name suggests.  They offer more services, and charge more fees for that service.  You will get personalized suggestions and the broker will do most of the heavy lifting.

Discount brokers are not substandard.  They may charge you a premium to trade after consulting with a broker in their firm.  The younger investor usually goes with a discount brokerage firm.  This is primarily because they don’t want to pay the fees associated with a full service broker.

Evaluate which firm is best for you based on your investment strategy.  Can we research your broker for you?  Find out a firm’s history when you give us a call.