Private Placement

In a Private Placement investment, securities are sold to an individual, or a small group of investors.  These securities are not “publicly” traded.  This means that not all investors have a chance to buy in.

Private Placement transactions are usually purchased by wealthier, more experienced investors.  The offerings do not have to be registered with the SEC, or sold through prospectus.

Who can invest in Private Placements?  Only “accredited” investors can buy these investments.  They need to meet or exceed net worth and income thresholds.

You may be offered an investment opportunity even though you don’t qualify.  If the offer is compelling, be sure to understand that you can lose all or some of your money.  You may also make some money, but have your cash tied up for a while.

If you qualify and want to invest, research is of the utmost importance.  Make sure you know the business sector and company you are investing in.  The disclosure requirements are not the same as publicly traded securities.  You need to know what to ask, and you need to get the necessary information before investing.