Youku Tudou (YOKU) is a huge Chinese media company. The company launched in December 2006.

At the time of issue, Youku American Depository Shares (ADS) were worth 18 of Youku Tudou’s Class A Ordinary Shares.

The Merger of Youku and Alibaba in 2016 brought many changes.  The company changed their status and are now privately owned by Alibaba (BABA).

The announcement cam November 2015, that shareholders would receive $27.60 per ADS.  By January 2016, Youku stock prices had declined and trading in China stopped.

In April 2016, the merger was complete and NYSE suspended trading of ADS.  The company’s registered securities ended up being deregistered, and the ADS were subsequently delisted. Have questions? Contact Gucciardo Law Group to learn more.